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By System @system
    2021-09-30 01:35:55.154Z
    1. L
        2021-09-30 01:35:55.223Z

        Having trouble with macOS downloaded, move to application folder, course instructions say right click and “open”. I don’t get this at all, just a bunch of files. Do I have to install something, run an exe, something else? I want to run the oscilloscope app. Thanks for your help.

        1. LLief Koepsel @lkoepsel
            2021-09-30 03:04:08.059Z
            1. Download the dmg file from the website.
            2. Double-click the dmg file to mount it.
            3. Drag and drop the icon from the mounted dmg to the Applications folder
            4. Press the command key, right click and a dialog will open up stating "macOS cannot verify the developer of “Labrador”. Are you sure you want to open it?"
            5. Click on open, the Labrador application will open.